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Overview of Canada

Canada is a huge country of diverse peoples, lifestyles and landscapes. It offers a multiplicity of top quality education programs of interest to international students. Canadian educational institutions welcome international students. Many provide special services for international students, designed to assist them to integrate into the academic community and to help them throughout their stay. The Indus Foundation is an American organization of professionals working as authorized representatives and promoters of Canadian universities in the Indian sub-continent. We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective package of services to take care of all processing and application needs of Indian students for study in Canada. Our services are directed towards assessing and matching students from the Indian sub-continent with the philosophy, requirements, academic offerings and resources of Canadian universities. The Foundation assists the students through the entire application process from the identification of the programs of study to the actual enrollment.

Basic Information

There are two major steps to take if students wish to come to Canada to study at the post-secondary level (in Canada the term post-secondary is commonly used to refer to tertiary or advanced education). First, students must be accepted in programs of study by a recognized Canadian post-secondary institutions. Second, students must apply for and be granted a student authorization and visa from Canadian immigration authorities. These procedures take considerable time, and students should apply six months to a year in advance of when they wish to begin study in Canada.

Canada does not have a national education system. Public education is under the jurisdiction of each of the ten provinces and three territories. This means there are some differences and similarities in the systems across the country. Admission requirements, program and course offerings, and fees vary from one institution to another. The Indus Foundation will guide the students as to institutions offer the programs the students want to take and contact them directly for more detailed information. Regulations governing international students differ from those for Canadian students.
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