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Student Visa Information

Apex Consultants score at the highest in successfully getting Visa’s. We give through documentation guidance. Which nobody else does. We hold sessions with parents and students regarding detailed paper to paper preparation and presentation. We then go through documentation and verify and ensure they are well prepared. Even if you are rejected do not be disheartened, we can definitely provide solutions.

Canada Student Visa Process Under SPP

CanadaStep1: Apply for admission
Once you have decided what and where you want to study, we will help you complete the application to the institutions of your choice. At the time of application for admission you will be required to submit several documents including proof of previous academic qualifications and in most cases proof of your English language ability.



The visa letter should include the following information:


UK Student Visa - Important Information

UK HSMP / Skilled Worker Category

The UK has welcomed newcomers for centuries. It is a mixture of diverse ethnic groups, each with their own distinct culture and sometimes their own language or religion.Migrants bring a diversity of skills to the UK labor market, providing skills and expertise which complement the existing work force.

UK has various visas designed for various purposes. These visas are divided under Immigration category or 'Settlement Visas' and 'Non Settlement Visas. While Settlement Visas (like HSMP or Innovator Visa) allow you long period of stay leading to Permanent Resident or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, non settlement visas are for shorter periods and do not lead to Permanent Resident status. There are other Visas available, apart from HSMP scheme, which allow you to come to the UK for different purposes.


Visa information for students starting courses at UWIC from April 2009

UWIC Cardiff Logo brandAs the start date of our courses approaches, I am sure that your students are beginning to make arrangements for traveling to the UK. One of the first things that they will need to think about is their international student visa.


UK Point Based Visa System: New Information

UK Point Based Visa InformationThe UK Borders Agency has updated the website with some further Quick Guides and Step-by-Step detailed information on how to apply. This is really useful information.


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